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Simulate a fantasy football, basketball, hockey, cricket or rugby league. Edit your teams an simulate the results.
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LeagueSimulator.EU is a free game to simulate the scores of fantasy sport leagues and competitions.
Here you won't play the football or basketball game like in PlayStation. Edit your teams skills and t-shirts and let the game the scores simulation. (by Ardebof)

More than 385.700 leagues created and 555.756 active seasons! Create your own league. Here you can set up your sport game simulator.

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Create your own league. In this section you'll find all usual league competitions: leagues all vs all, world cup format, Cup format, ...

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Simulate your competition of the biggest sports: european football, basketball, rugby, ice hockey and american football.

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New features

League settings / edit league: remove teams from a league

(2021 April).
Select teams colors from a color picker on edit team

(2021 March).
NCAA basketball competition:
- Simulate march madness!
ncaa basketball  competition (2021 March).
Bug fixed on basketball editable players stats.

(2021 March).
Cricket view mode:
- Now, you can play cricket on view mode (over by over)
hockey competition (2020 November).

Try our default league

Would you like to try how leaguesimulator game works? You can try to play our default league and edit our default league

Play and consult standings and stats

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LEAGUESIMULATOR.EU is a free web game
Simulate football, US football, basketball, hockey or rugby leagues
Simulate biggest competitions all over the world or your fantasy ones

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