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Simulate a fantasy football, basketball, hockey, cricket or rugby league. Edit your teams an simulate the results.
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LeagueSimulator.EU is a free game to simulate the scores of fantasy sport leagues and competitions.
Here you won't play the football or basketball game like in PlayStation. Edit your teams skills and t-shirts and let the game the scores simulation. (by Ardebof)

More than 305.800 leagues created and 497.693 active seasons! Create your own league. Here you can set up your sport game simulator.
Alert! Teams on default league will be no longer editable. Due google policy, they detect some malicious names and they suspended the ads.
Remember this is an amateur website. These ads pay for server costs. Without them, I will not be able to maintain this website.
Please, create a user account to play with your own teams. It is absolutly free.

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Create your own league. In this section you'll find all usual league competitions: leagues all vs all, world cup format, Cup format, ...

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Simulate your competition of the biggest sports: european football, basketball, rugby, ice hockey and american football.

New features

Now you can copy the teams from another league of yours to the current league you're playing. Only in user accounts / league settings
(2020 October).
Hockey news:
- Stats on hockey games (view goals minutes)
hockey competition (2019 November).
New sport: Tennis
tennis competition (2020 April).
New sport: AFL, Australian football rules
footy competition (2020 February).
US football news:
- Stats on football games
- Edit helmets colors
football competition (2020 January).

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LEAGUESIMULATOR.EU is a free web game
Simulate football, US football, basketball, hockey or rugby leagues
Simulate biggest competitions all over the world or your fantasy ones

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